Reorder items on widget tables in Word document

Hello all.

I have what I thought was a simple question but for some reason it’s vexing me.

I have my widget tables all set up for my Word output. No problem there. Where I have an issue is that when I have filled out my fields (which i have created customized fields) in the Notes section, the output to Word has the items all out of order. I have arranged the items in the Outline palette in the order, from top to bottom, that I would like, but they are still out of order.

I’m sure I’m missing something easy but it’s escaping me.



Hmm, to clarify, are you seeing that the order of the Notes fields in the widget table is out of order, or that the footnote icons on the widgets (both in the screenshots and widget table) are out of order?

If the Notes themselves are out of order, then these can be adjusted in the Widget Tables tab by using the up and down arrows:

If the footnote icons are out of order, then going to “Arrange > Footnotes > Renumber all Footnotes” should renumber them.

Hopefully that helps!

Hello there. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

What I mean is that the order of the columns is fine, it’s the order of the contents (rows) in the table in the Word output spec that I would like to get better control of. I have moved them up and down in the Outline palette but it seems like the order of items (rows) is arbitrary.

Hi badoyn,

Instead of according to their z-index (a.k.a. their order in the Outline pane), the items in the generated Word spec’s widget table are ordered according to their footnote number such that the widget with the footnote number “1” will appear first in the table and the rest will follow in ascending order. The “Arrange > Footnotes > Renumber all Footnotes” option Alyssa mentioned will automatically re-number all of your widgets’ footnotes, but you can also manually order them for a specific widget by selecting the widget and then using the “Arrange > Footnotes > Increment/Decrement Footnote” options:

I hope this helps clarify some things!

Ahhh. Got it. Now Alyssa’s comments are much clearer.

Not the best way in my opinion. I would think it would mimic the order in the Outline panel, kind of like Photoshop or Illustrator layers.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi badoyn,

Glad to hear that helped; I’ll also go ahead and let our product team know that you’d like for the widget table rows in the spec to appear according to the order of the widgets in the Outline pane.

Let us know if you have any other questions!