Repeater Card States


Hello, I’m having difficulty figuring out how I can create states of the Repeater Card. I am making a filtered list w/ repeater cards. State 1 has a checkbox that is checked. State 2 would have an unchecked checkbox and also an input field. I am assuming I am missing something or not doing it right, but would greatly appreciate any guidance. Thank you.


If you want to share an example file or some more details of what exactly you’re trying to do, I can probably give you more specific information (reply in here or send me a msg) but here are some general tips on manipulating Repeater items based on Repeater Data. Here’s some random tips in no particular order:

  • repeaters are repeaters, there’s no technical distinction between “Repeater - Table” and “Repeater - Card” the only difference is in appearance
  • you can also create a repeater by selecting shapes, right-click, Create Repeater (note: this will also create a column for every shape and link the column to the shape, this might not be what you want so you may have to remove some columns)
  • when you’re interacting with repeaters, ensure that your interactions edit the repeater’s row data instead of manipulating the objects directly, this is because if/when that repeater item is redrawn (such as if you add or remove a repeater row), those state changes will be lost
  • checkboxes are a good example of this, if you have one item in the repeater, and you check a checkbox inside it, when you add another item, that first item will be redrawn from scratch, if it’s unchecked by default it will be unchecked again when redrawn
  • instead have multiple actions in the On Item Load interaction on your repeater based on row data. I often have a “Checked” column, if that column has a value of “1” or “y” or “checked” then I have it check the checkbox
  • when I click a checkbox, I have a Selected interaction on that value edit the row data for that column to my chosen “checked” value.
  • you can have multiple On Item Load interactions based on any number of different columns for a single repeater

I have prepared a little 3 page demo ( to explain this concept and give some more examples and ideas. Feel free to ask me any questions.

My rp file is too big for the forum, so i put it on my gdrive