Repeater Drag & Drop Challenge - Implement a Reorder-able List



Hi Axure ninjas, I have a challenge for you!

Does anyone know how to implement something like this?
2013-08-06_1042 - shiraluk’s library
(gmail’s tasks list)

I’m not sure it can be achieved with the current repeater capabilities, but if so - that would be so awesome!


Challenge accepted :stuck_out_tongue:


melibrion, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!


How do you like this one?


@Gregor: Very Impressive!



Here is the rp :wink:

I calculate the item height, it should be easy to edit.


Wow! looks great :slight_smile:
I only played with it a few minutes, I’ll look at the rp as soon as I get a chance.

Great work!! Very exciting!


Thank you.


Hi Gregor,
I only just now got a chance to look deeply into the rp file, and it’s simply brilliant!

It took me quite a while to figure out what you did… nicely done! I love the fact that its completely generic, so I can change the size / location / formatting and nothing breaks.

Thank you very much for accepting the challenge, and winning it :cool:

Some afterthoughts I had:

  • One of the inevitable shortcomings of the repeater widget is that it makes the interactions MUCH more complicated, it really required an effort to figure out what you did. I wish that Axure will add a “function” widget and make our life a little easier than tweaking dynamic panels. I think the repeater complexity demands it.

  • I also wish there would be an option to directly trigger a specific repeater item. I love the trick you did with the internal dynamic panel trigger! I’m gonna use this one a lot :wink:

  • Also, I would like to see an OnInit and OnFinish events for the repeater, so we could make updated to global variables there, and keep all the repeater functionality in one place, and not spread across and “hidden” in external dynamic panels.
    [I created a feature request for this [here](, and when I wanted to link it now I saw you already replied on it, lol :slight_smile: ]

Thanks again!! I learned a bunch of new tricks, that I’m sure will be useful in the future :slight_smile:

And just for the lols -


Thanks, was fun to do this one. I think by now I know quite a lot about the repeater widget.


hello Guys,

I really like this drag & drop, it is exactly what I want to do. But I only have the 6.5 version and I cannot open it.
May I ask you to share a 6.5 version of this rp? :o
Or do you know a way to do the same kind of effect on a 6.5 version?
Thanks a lot!


this file can not be exported as an axure 6.5 file. the basic functionality could be rebuild in axure 6.5. but will be much harder to maintain the contents because the basic widget, the repeater widget, is not available in axure 6.5.

sorry, no help from here.



Thanks for this! I didn’t actually use this example exactly, but seeing it in action sparked an idea for another problem I was trying to solve. Thanks for the inspiration!




Pardon my ignorance, but I noticed in your RP file, in the Widget Interaction screen, you have events that I don’t have in my version, eg
OnDrag, OnDragDrop, OnSwipeLeft, etc…
(I’m using Axure 7 Beta)

Are these custom events that you built? If yes, could you point me to some resources to do this?
If no, could you let me know how I could get these custom events as well?



Click More Events in the Dropdown-Menue there you will find These events


Hmmm… I did that, but it’s still not there.

I tried it on the same repeater widget you were using (just in case it’s widget-specific), but still no luck.

Just to confirm, are you refering to the “More events” menu as highlighted in the image?


Found the problem… It has to be a dynamic panel!
Sorry to waste your time Gregor!


Hello. I’d love to take a look at the .rp file for this interaction, but I’m not seeing the link to the source file. Any help is much appreciated.


Here it is, thanks Gregor.
reorderable.rp (85.7 KB)


Thank you both. It’s amazing how responsive these forums are.