Repeater - handling with dynamic sizes

I had / have issue with Axure RP 9 the last days and found a workaround to mi solution.
This is a copy of

Axure RP 10 Beta
I found out, that only headers (H1, H2, etc) can have a dynamic width.

Therefore, the header must be styled in the preferred way and then be saved as a new style element.
And you never ever be allowed to click on the size constraints (fit to text width/height).

This procedure must be done for each state of the button (hover/active/disabled).axure-10-b-%20solution

Also the state styles must have no info about changing sizes, accept for border strength.

I hope this can help some one.

I noticed, that it is important NOT to use the connection feature inside the table repeater.
It is necessary to use the loaded event in combination with set text.
Like in the way RP9 is solving this.