Repeater - Importing Images Issue



This may or may not affect all users, but I found an interesting bug (I have alerted Axure Support) that I wanted to share in case anyone else is running into this.

My Setup
I work in a Mac environment (OS 10.14.5, 2018 Macbook Pro) with multiple monitors.

The Issue
Recently I was working on a prototype that required the use of placing images in a repeater. I went to right click the cell to import and image and the right click option did not work.

The Cause
I move my Outline, Style, Interactions, and Notes panes to my center monitor side by side so I can navigate quickly between them. It appears that doing this causes the right click to not work with a repeater cell at least in the Mac environment.

The Remedy
Go to View, Reset View. The restores the right click functionality.

Apologies if this is a known issue to the community, just my attempt at being a helpful human being.


Hi Bren,

Thanks for including this information here. We have received your email regarding this issue and a bug report on this unexpected behavior has been filed.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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