Repeater Issues

Hi all,

I know why the content that I’m typing into the text fields is resetting on the add or delete functionality - due to the repeater redrawing itself - what i cant work out is how to get around it…

I’m still new to Axure and apologise if this is standard fare, but i’ve spent the last two days reading the same article and making no progress…Any ideas / pointers for a noob?

Example below:

Add / Delete Rows Removing Text & Resets Visibility

Repeater-Site.rp (1.4 MB)

Cheers in advance to any helpful advice - And apologies if I haven’t understood what the limitations on repeaters are, please go easy on me :wink:

Can you attach the RP file?

Attached on original post :wink:

Any time you ‘touch’ a repeater (applying a filter, reordering, sorting, showing or hiding things, adding new rows), it will redraw and overwrite any values you have changed on the widgets themselves.

In order to have values persist, you need to update the row within the repeater dataset. Here’s a very good introductory guide by forum member josephbrickx. Basically, you need to add interactions on the text fields to update the row so that the information isn’t lost.

I thought it was something along the lines of specifying the actual text fields but i tried lots of variations which were all wrong… is specifying the visibility of the dropdown the same thing - you specify the visible state of the repeater row on the actual element?

BTW - thank you :wink:

Correct - you’d need to have a column in your repeater dataset that governs whether your dropdown is visible or not. Then in the Item Load, you’d have a Show widget interaction to show it.

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