Repeater List - Soo far soo good. then Boom :)


Im making an app with the Repeater widget.

I have the following pages:

Main Menu
Page 1 (With repeater)

If i add info into the repeater to add 5 lines (difrent info in all lines) And go to Main Menu, and into Page 1 again. Everything will be deleted… Ive tried for days to figure out what “variable” i need to add, but i cant seem to find the correct one…

I also seen several threads which is close to same problem, but still cant find the solution for this one…

So short story: I want the info in Repeater to stay as i left it, when entering another page. (Only be deleted with a button)

Prethanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Every time you load a page in the browser it will revert to default states. That’s just how basic web pages work (without cookies or backend databases.) This is not limited to repeaters. If you have a text input field and enter some text, then reload the page (with browser reload button or say, navigate to different page and back) the field will be empty. If you have a page with a draggable widget, move it around then reload the page, the widget will be in its default initial location.

So, you can use global variables to track or pass data between pages–or between instances of the same page (kind of like a “virtual cookie”.) In your case, whenever you add a row to your repeater, you would need to update a global variable with whatever data is required to create that row. Then, using the OnPageLoad event, add rows to your repeater using the value of that global variable.

This thread can help you. Take a look at the sample .rp file I added there. The only difference is that instead of having the same repeater on two different pages, you have one repeater that needs to be updated when the page loads.

Hello mbc66,

Thanks for the feedback!

I took a look at ur file that was added there, and yes it copy the information from Home to page 1. but it does not store the value.

The problem i have is that i want that value in the repeater to be stored. So that you can close the app/reopen app/go around in the different pages. And all the info will still stay inside the repeater.

I’ve tried to play around with the Global Variables. But it seem that i need a global variable for every word i put in. (Or all lines will show the same value)

Here is my project: Have a look and see if u understand :slight_smile:
(Im still quite new to Axure, so it might be me that dont understand. Sorry.)

Week plan : This page works perfectly. I can go back and fourth from main menu, and info is saved.
Shop List - This page i want stored or saved. So that when i open this page on my phone tomorrow. i will still have the info there. This info gets deleted when going back to main menu…

Axure Weekplan.rp (289.6 KB)

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I don’t think Axure can help you here. It is a UI prototyping tool, not a coding tool. That functionality goes beyond prototype, becoming more of a fully functioning app. Look at Perl, Python, etc. which can provide for local or server storage of this data.


I think a quick-n-dirty solution could be to use dynamic panels. In a dynamic panel the state is persistent, even if you switch to an other state.

I’ve done a rough prototype.
Axure SinglePager.rp (61.1 KB)

OK, Thanks tho! Love the Axure program… You know about any look alike for building apps? :slight_smile:

That actually works! Cheers!!

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