Repeater rendering bug in editor



I’ve been encountering a weird bug in the editor when using multiple Set Size actions on controls in Repeater Items

This is what I see in the editor:

But it renders just fine in the prototype player:

Here’s my Interactions (*LVAR1 is the input field, this moves the clear button to the right edge of the resized input control)

If I remove the Set Size action targeting Input Control, then the bug goes away.

Demo | repeater sizing bug.rp (166.1 KB)


Hi @bamorris,

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and for your contributions on our Axure Forums as well.

After testing with the file you attached, we were able to pinpoint the cause of this issue. It looks like there’s a resizing bug when a repeater “Item Loaded > Set Size” interaction is targeting a widget group that is not connected to the repeater dataset. I’ve filed this on your behalf for our QA teams to investigate further.

In the meantime, one workaround for your project is to connect your “width” dataset column to the “TFilter” widget. Then you can hide the text on this widget by either styling the font, or including an interaction on the widget like “Loaded > Set Text > [blank]”. Another workaround is to target one of the internal widgets instead of the widget group.

Hope that helps!


Okay thank you, I’ll try out those workarounds for now - it’s not the biggest issue anyways.