Repeater Table - Add Row and update the row value above


Hello, I am kind of new to Axure and working on my first project.
I have created a repeater table with 5 columns

Column 1: Number (starting with 1)
Column 2: Date start
Column 3: Date end
Column 4: click to delete row
Column 5: click to add row below

If I simulate the page it shows one row with a time range, for example:
1 | 01.09.2023 | 30.09.2023 | click to delete | click to add row below

after clicking the column 5 in a specificrow I would like to add a row below that selected row:
With following Interaction:
Click or tap
Add Rows
tblOverview add 1 row

now the “Date end” field of the row above should get empty and the value should be put into the field “Date end” of the new row “Date end”
1 | 01.09.2023 | | click to delete | click to add row below
2 | | 30.09.2023 | click to delete | click to add row below

This works already (when clicking add row, I save the value of this.DateEnd into a global variable, delete the value out of this.DateEnd and write the value of the global variable into the new row while creating it.

Next step:
If I adjust the table manually for example new end date for Row1 “15.09.2023”
The startDate of Row2 shall be set 1 day later to “16.09.2023”. And vice versa, if I set the start date manually, the end date of the row should be adjusted on day before the start date.

Is it possible to simulate this in Axure?
Further If I add a new row it is always added at the end of the repeater.
Is it possible to add the row after the the selected row?

Many thanks.
And kind regards,


Hi @Alex4, is there any chance that you can attach a copy of your .rp file so we can take a closer look at your project?