Repeater Table Growing Artifact Issue



I have created a repeater table where you can click a caret icon to expand the table row to show additional details (in this case, it’s a static table). Everything works just fine, when you click the caret icon, the row expands and collapses appropriately. However, I have noticed that when you repeatedly expand/collapse the rows in the table, some type of gray padding-like artifact begins to grow from the bottom of the table. It almost seems like padding being added at the bottom of the repeater table, but I can’t figure out why or where it is coming from. Any insight is much appreciated!


Expanding Row Example.rp (161.2 KB)


Thanks for including that GIF and .rp file–that really helps! We were able to investigate and reproduce the issue on our end. It looks like when a repeater that has a border is expanded and collapsed, the repeater is expanded by the border size.

I’ve gone ahead and filed this as a bug on your behalf for our engineering teams to continue investigating.

In the meantime, you can avoid this issue by keeping the border at 0 for your repeater, Dynamic Table. If you still need to keep a border around your repeater, then you can use an external rectangle widget that can resize with the repeater instead.


Thanks for the prompt response. Removing the 1px border from the repeater table did the trick!

I appreciate your help!

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