Repeater Widget not displaying all fields when published to the cloud



Hello, I’m fairly new to Axure so I have probably made a mistake somewhere whilst making my prototype, In the file, I have a repeater widget with each field having menus inside, which will link off to contextual information.

This works perfectly when previewing from axure but when published to axure cloud the repeater only loads the row and any above once you have selected one of the tabs inside each row


Hmm, for the most part previews and published versions should be virtually identical. If you are having issues, can you confirm that you are on our latest stable build 3896?

If the issue still persists on this latest build, then we would be happy to investigate to see what’s going on. Can you send us the .rp file so we can take a look?


Hi Ben

Thanks i updated axure and that wasnt the propblem, it was an issue with a dynamic panel in the repeater, fixed that and all is working fine now

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