Repeaters, Filters, and Formatting

Hi everyone.

  • I have a simple repeater that is using box widgets to display text values.
  • The first column of the repeater is formatted with underline and has a click/open link interaction.
  • I have a text field I am using to filter the repeater against all columns using a custom rule.

Filtering works fine. Clicking the link works fine. However, when I filter, the first column loses its underline text decoration. Further, if I remove the filter later, the underline remains lost.

I thought filtering was setting a style effect, but I can’t seem to find any such thing in the documents. My experiments with various style effects have not produced any results either.

Does anyone have a clue here?

Hi Mark,

We are able to reproduce the issue you are seeing and can confirm that this is a previously filed bug. The issue seems to occur when a repeater has been loaded from filtering or rows are being modified and removes formatting like underlining and strikethrough. I have gone ahead and updated the filed bug report for our engineers to continue investigating.

In the meantime, if those style effects are essential, then one workaround is to use a “Loaded” “Set Text” interaction setting the repeater item to rich text. In the rich text “Value” field, you will need to use, [[Item.ColumnNameHere]], and ensure it is underlined. Then on the filtering interaction, include a “Fire Event” to fire the “Loaded” event on the repeater.

For an example of this workaround, I have included an example of the default “Table with Sort & Filter” widget with the edits on the “Table” repeater and “Filter Input” widget. Repeater Underline Workaround.rp (79.8 KB)

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Thanks for clarifying this and providing a workaround. In this case, it’s not critical, but it’s good to know I wasn’t doing something dumb. :slight_smile: