Repeaters - How to combine the results of 2+ filters?

I’ll give an example of what I’m trying to do.

Let’s say I have a repeater, and one of my columns is “FruitType”, and each row has “orange,” “apple,” “banana”, etc.

If I make a button that uses a filter with the rule “[[FruitType == ‘apple’”]], then I make another that has the rule [[FruitType == ‘orange’"]]. If I select both of these, Axure tries to find a fruit that is both an apple and an orange, and returns nothing, since a fruit can’t be both an apple and an orange.

What I’m looking to do, on the other hand, is return fruit that are either apples or oranges, and not have the filters be exclusive of one another. Essentially, I’m trying to implement filters that apply “Rule 1 or Rule 2” instead of “Rule 1 AND Rule 2”.

I know Axure has the “remove all filters” option, but that’s not quite what I’m looking to do. I want to preserve any other filters and return items that meet one or more of the rules, not items that meet all of them.


What you are creating is a facet filter. Check out this post, and look at the single facet filter example.

Note that if you don’t want any row to display until the user chooses a checkbox, simply remove the first expression from the filter.