Repeaters OnItemLoad No Longer Needed? How to NOT load


It seems that RP10 doesn’t require the OnItemLoad that used to happen to show repeater data. For the most part, this is a great addition.

However, I need to create a SUM of values from a paginated table which, to the best of my knowledge, will require a secondary/hidden repeater. In order to avoid the cost of the full table (3700 rows), I’d like to have it empty and only used for adding up values. Previously I could delete the OnItemLoad interaction. Now it’s gone.

Thoughts on this? Maybe there’s a better way to SUM with pagination.


You can unlink the repeater data from a widget by hovering over the widget name in the repeater data (under the column name) and clicking on the “X” icon. You can then delete any widgets in the repeater item and the repeater will function as a virtual data table.


Thanks - this was helpful.

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