Report Error : Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

Hi All,

After we updated to the latest Axure RP 9, it can’t be used anymore.
Whenever we opened Axure RP 9, two messages appeared,
The first message is this

Second message is this

Is there anyone facing the same problem and how do we solve this?
Thank you.

And the menu bar has appeared like this

Hi InfraMY,

Sorry to hear that you’re encountering this issue! To further investigate this error, please email our support team at

Thank you!

Hi all,

A user who wrote in to our help desk reported the same issue that InfraMY reported in this thread, so I wanted to follow up here with the cause of the issue in case anyone else runs into this problem. For the user who emailed, the errors that were occurring upon launch of Axure RP on their Mac was being caused by a permissions error where their user account didn’t have access to a needed file. If you find that you’re unable to launch Axure RP, then as a first step please try the steps in our guide linked below:

If the steps don’t resolve the issue, then please submit any error popups you get (and include your email in the Email field) and send a copy of the “AxureLog.txt” file generated by the “Permissions Diagnostic” section of the troubleshooting guide to so that we can take a look and advise on what specific errors you’re getting and how to resolve them. Thanks!

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