Request about Axure Cloud Notification emails



I’ve recently noticed that the notification feature of Axure Cloud was updated. We can now receive email notification for comments only (without daily update). Great news! Unfortunately they are hard to follow as they are (same sender, title and description) :

Would it be possible to add the name of the project in the description or title of the email? I don’t know if I should write to support instead, but I’m giving it a shot here. This would be a major update for those who receive “all project comment”.



Hello I hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you for writing in with this feedback! I work for Axure, focused specifically on the Axure Cloud product and so I was hoping to learn a little bit more about your feedback as we plan to make changes to the email titles in the coming months.

Our concept for this change is to focus on the individual who commented rather than the project that the comment occurred. For example…

  • If a new comment was added then the email email title would be - “(Username) Added a New Comment”
  • If a reply occurred to a comment that was yours then the email title would be - “(Username) Responded to Your Comment”
  • If someone mentioned you in a comment then the email title would be - “(Username) Mentioned You in a Comment”

If email titles contained something like this, with a focus on the colleague who commented rather than the project would that be helpful? Or do you feel that the most helpful thing would be to emphasize the project when a comment occurs like you mentioned in your original post?

Again, I greatly appreciate you writing in and sharing your thoughts. It really helps me to understand how to ensure that the product continues to be one that you and others love to use.

All the best,
Product Manager @ Axure


Hi! I think that adding the username who be a good start, but not enough.
Let me tell you about the situation in our web agency :

  • The same 10 users work on all our project, but we don’t work on all the projects
  • We share one workspace with folders for each clients
  • Some clients have multiple projects (one has over 50 axure cloud links)
  • The same client can comment on multiple projects
  • Most of our clients comments as “anonymous”

I don’t know for other users, but I think that the name of the project is quite important.

Idially it could go like this :
Sender : [Username] (Axure cloud)
Title : New comment on [Name of project]
Description : [Username] added a new comment on [name of page]



Thank you for sharing the working situation at the agency you work for! It is extremely helpful for me to understand how your company operates so that we can best address your workflows in an efficient and practical way.

I intend to take your feedback as well as the feedback of others and incorporate it into any future enhancements that we do on the Axure Cloud email system in order to ensure that the enhancements align with your needs.

Again thank you for taking the time to write in. Please feel free to reach out any time as your feedback is greatly appreciated and is essential to ensuring the product continues to be developed in a way that you and other users find valuable.