Reset Interaction panel

I can no longer see onMouse or onClick etc in the Interactions panel for Axure9…
I only see Page Click or Tap etc
How do I reset the panel to get those events in view?

Hi! It sounds like you’ve updated to build 3662 recently, which included a UI change to rename the interactions listed in the interactions panel. Now, the names of the interactions have the “on” removed, and spaces included between the words for readability; for interactions such as OnMouseEnter and OnClick, those would now read as “Mouse Enter” and “Click or Tap”.

If you click on the canvas to put focus on the page and then click the “New Interaction” button then you’ll see the page-level interactions, and if you click on a widget to focus it and then click the “New Interaction” button you should be able to see the widget-specific interactions. Hopefully that helps! If you have thoughts or feedback on the UI change please feel free to email it to so that our product team can receive and review it. Thank you!

Thanks for this -
I liked the previous references especially as I work in Native applications, this updated terminology has more of a web focus.

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