Resize column width of elements of repeater automatically


how can I resize the elements in a repeater automatically by resizing of the repeater ? E.g. if the repeater will be resized to 110 % the elmenets within should be resized to 110% as well.



@michel777 I guess you mean by “resizing the repeater’s wrapper - dynamic panel”? Because repeater is not a regular component and it’s not resizable


ResizeRepeater.rp (52.7 KB)

I have the example here wrapping the repeater by a DP, and the repeater item has 2 elements (red block & green block).
And there is an input box listening to onLostFocus event to allow users to set the desired length ratio of the current length (0.5 means half of the current length, 1.0 means the same as the current length, 2.0 means double of the current length, etc.)

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