Resizing window results in horizontal scroll bar that doesn't do anything

Whenever I try to resize the preview window in AxureRP 9 it results in an unwanted scrollbar at the bottom of the page, which doesn’t really scroll anything. I know where the problem is, the total width of my page design is 1600px (left navigation pane is 200px wide and content pane is 1400px wide).

I am trying to make the design adaptive only or various desktop screens and using [[Window.width]] to resize the content pane instead of adaptive views. But when I resize the window to be less than 1400px, the horizontal scroll bar pops up and doesn’t really do anything. Any idea how I can get rid of this?

If you’ve set your Page Style to have a width of 1600 px, without adaptive views, then it is always going to have a 1600 px width, thus a horizontal scrollbar if your browser viewport is less than 1600 px (plus about 20 px for a vertical scrollbar if that is applicable.)

Even if you’ve set no page sizing for the prototype player and you move or resize the width of widgets so the total width of all widgets, the initial div sizes will be the same, so you’ll still get a horizontal scrollbar. One possible workaround is if you place and size all your widgets to fit within your smallest (supported) width, and use the Window Resized to size and move them accordingly.

Thanks for the feedback @mbc66. This really helped me get rid of the scroll bar. Turns out if I fix the page dimensions to something smaller, I don’t get the browser scrollbar any more and the UI works just fine irrespective of that.

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