"Responsive" Master Views don't work

According to Axure Docs · Documentation and tutorials for Axure Software's products and services, masters will respond to adaptive views (like they did in RP8).

You can set up your master views to work in conjunction with your adaptive view sets. Make sure that your master views have the same names and inheritance structure as your adaptive views, and your master views will switch automatically in the browser along with your adaptive views.

However, I can’t get this to work unless I build a component in the main canvas in all adaptive views first, then create a master from it. This doesn’t really match my workflow a lot of the time as I tend to build out a whole screen in one view before moving to the next.

As an additional annoyance, I cannot select multiple instances of the same master and change their views at once. So when I build a list with 10 instances of a master, I need to select each one, open the dropdown, and select the appropriate view. 30 clicks in RP 9 vs. automatic in RP8; this is a huge downgrade.

I’m really hoping I’m missing something, otherwise I’ll have to go back to RP8.

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Same problem - masters don’t even have a set for breakpoints, so I can’t make them change with the main view width. Very frustrating.