Responsive menu as one element

Hello guys I have a problem. I would like to create reponsive menu on 4 different resolutions. First 3 resolutions contains normal menu with buttons, but the last one should have hamburger menu. Problem is I working on one element and if I delete buttons on the last resolution (phone 320) this dissapears in all resolutions. Is any chance I can ask you for some help plesase? Thank you.

When you set up the break points which direction are you going? Big to small or small to big? Like so:

If you delete something in Base without having first moved that thing, it will delete it from Base, 768 and 320. Its unidirectional workflow. If you go from small to large you shouldn’t have a problem… theoretically

To be honest I looking for the solution how to make normal menu in 3 different resolutions and third one should be with hamburger, but everything supose to be on one element (master). How can I make it?

Hey @dstefanskid, could you explain what you mean by 3 different resolutions? Like @jhelmers I was assuming you meant adaptive design with different screen sizes. If that is the case jhelmers’s solution should work. If you mean something else I am curious to know what it is.