Responsive Widget Groups

I assume there is no way to create a widget group, dynamic panel or master, where I can set constraints that are respected if I resize the group?

Say, within a modal dialog I want to set a button group to be always 24 pixels from the bottom, no matter how I increase the modal width and height. This would speed up my prototyping workflow considerably, because I would not have rearrange everything manually all the time.

Figma does a great job with constraints and auto layout (see attached gif). This workflow is much more suited for quick exploration, because I play around with size, layout and things. What Figma lacks at this point is the ability to set min-width and max-widths.

The concept of adaptive views makes sense and is very helpful when you need to rearrange the entire layout of a page or want to hide certain elements. But for the space in between these breakpoints, there should be a way for some “fluidity”.


Same there. I am now in between Figma and Axure. I love many aspects of the Figma, but as my project grows I miss more and more interactions and Figma starts to feel slow as well. At the same time in Axure I miss auto layouts and many other small candies for quick prototyping. I think Axure could borrow many nice things of Figma.

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Yup…we need this… constraints is a no brainer in 2020