Reuse objects across different states in a dynamic panel

My first steps with dynamic panels, and I like it, but I have some questions in how to use it efficiently. Especially when I need to provide detailed documentation, and not only need to create a clickable mockup.

In some cases, elements need to be present in the different states of a dynamic panel.
A simplistic example: a panel that opens and closes, but where the same title and status information is shown in both states, and the open state shows more detailed information.

As I have come to know the dynamic panels, I have to duplicate those elements across all states. Is there an option to reuse/reference items across states, to only have to create (and document) them once?

I can of course use a master, but in some cases this is not what you want, especially when it gets very finegrained and you are creating masters for single labels or buttons?

Also, in another case, I want to create multiple views on one single repeater. (with more or less details, columns, etc.) I was looking into dynamic panels to achieve that, but it looks like I still have to duplicate the repeater on the different states. But there might be a better way?

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I recommend pulling your “reused” widgets out of the dynamic panel and placing them in front or behind the dynamic panel. Then, when you change states they will still be shown exactly the same regardless of state. If you need to treat all of them as one thing, then select them all and create another dynamic panel–nesting dynamic panels works just fine. If you need to move or change the reused widgets as the dynamic panel changes states, you can use the OnPanelStateChange event. If you have to move the reused widgets around too much state to state, then yes, duplicating in each state is probably easier.

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It is all about finding a balance between duplication (multiplication) or programming things to move around.
Will have to try.