Rotating Counter Clockwise

Hello All! I’m having some trouble getting my “stick” to swing the way I would like to. It works perfectly going clockwise, but when it swings counterclockwise, it acts as if the anchor point is centered. Am I making a silly mistake or is this a glitchy? How can I fix/get around it?

My Website Sandbox.rp (78.9 KB)

Here is my project!

Indeed. I’ve not played around with Rotation in RP9, but what you describe is actually true… When you spin open the MORE OPTIONS list in the Rotate action, it shows the anchor point, at Left-Middle, so it is spinning around the center point of its now-horizontal axis:


So initially, when your “stick” is horizontal, you do want it to rotate around this point. But, when it is vertical, you want it to rotate from the Left-Top (Assuming you want it to swing back to its original position.) As it turns out, almost the left top, because your stick group is offset a bit to the right. A little trial and error resulted in these settings, which seem to work, and match the original location of your group relative to the (+) button:


Here’s an updated version:
My Website Sandbox.rp (78.0 KB)

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Ugh, thank you so much! Life saver!

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