RP 9 beta UI too pale

hi , I’d like to complain about the new look of RP 9 beta. nothing about position or panel or else, just only about color.

It looks too pale and everything becomes not so clear. emm, maybe you needs an UI designer to pick a professional new color. At least, keeping the same as RP 8 is not difficult.

thank you . Hope a new look.

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I can’t agree with you more !

Sorry, but I like this new interface (despite some minor error), it is lighter than Axure 8. I think we should have a dark and white theme in our preferences settings. But, the main issue I have noticed in this new version is for dynamic panel, the navigation need to gain maturity, because it is more fluid but really hard to handle.

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I disagree. I love the new look and feel. The more I use the interface, the easier and quicker it is. I wouldn’t change much of anything as far as that is concerned. Being able to arrange the interface however I want is also time saving and improves my work flow.

Agreed. Colors look a tad pale, even with the correct hex color numbers

I’m particularly seeing it when I add text inside a rectangle. I’m also setting up the style effects and am not getting the correct colors. See screenshot for comparison to what I see in axure versus sketch

Hi vTruong!

Hmm, the colors on the Axure RP widgets do look different from the colors in your Sketch file. Just to confirm, are you experiencing this issue with individual widgets, rather than with the Axure RP 9 beta interface? Can you please confirm that the opacity for these widgets and their text is at 100%? If the widgets or text colors are at an opacity less than 100%, the colors could appear as faded or pale.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, could you please let me know if these widgets are originally Axure RP 9, or if these widgets were added into your Axure file using the Sketch plugin? If the Sketch plugin was used, could you please send your Axure RP file and Sketch file over to support@axure.com so that we can take a closer look?

Similarly, if the widgets are originally from Axure RP 9, could you please send your RP file to support@axure.com for review? In this case, any additional insight into how these colors were added to these widgets would be useful. If the color picker’s eyedropper tool was used, for example, please let us know what image or file was used for the eyedropper selection.