RP9 crushes when zooming in and out or moving the canvas


Hi Axure-Team,

I have serious problems with current version of RP9 regarding stability. When I zoom a page in and out and move the canvas around RP9 crushes. The page is not very large. Just a repeater containing a dynamic panel wit 4 states. The repeater has 5 records. Nothing special. In RP8 this was never an issue.

OS Version: Mac OS X 10.14.6 (Build 18G87)
Architecture: x86_64h

Identifier: com.axure.AxureRP9
Version: ??? (
PID: 49609

I read another post regarding memory. In my case I realised white blocks on the screen just before RP9 crushes. Is there an graphic memory issue?

Please, help me. This is a show stopper.




The image shows some white blocks. Could that be an indicator of a memory issue?


Dear Axure Team,

don’t you have any ideas what to do about this? I’m still struggleing with this problem.

May I kindly ask for help?





For urgent issues, we advise emailing the support team directly at support@axure.com to ensure that your case gets handled directly and as quickly as possible as that’s faster than posting on the forums. Please also send the affected file as an attachment and indicate which page is crashing.

In addition to the above, if you could also let us know how you’re zooming and moving the canvas (e.g. trackpad pinch, scrollwheel+[Cmd], panning with the [Space] bar, etc…) then that would also help our efforts to reproduce the issue and make sure this is filed if it’s not already. Please also verify whether you’re using a high resolution monitor (and if so, whether moving the Axure RP window to another monitor helps), and whether closing other open applications helps to prevent the crash.

Please also include your Axure RP error_log files from the “logs” folder in the directory below, and send along any Axure RP crash logs you find in your macOS “Console” app under “User Diagnostic Reports”:

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-9-0/logs (open Finder and use “Go > Go to Folder”)

We’ll keep an eye out for that information so that we can investigate. Thank you!


Thank you Alyssa. I’ll gather the information and contact support via email.


Received! We’ll be taking a look at the attachments and will follow up soon to advise.


I have the same problem and I sent the email to support@axure .com. How long do you need to fix the problem?

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To update this thread, we believe we’ve narrowed down the issue to be a problem with selection groups, dynamic panels, and repeaters. The gist of the issue is if you have a widget that is in a selection group and is set to Selected by default, and that widget is in a dynamic panel within a repeater, then you’ll trigger the freeze if you have multiple states in the dynamic panel that also contain other widgets that are set to Selected by default and are in the same selection group as the first widget. QA is investigating this one and currently we don’t have a timeline for when this one is slotted for fixing, but the workarounds in the meantime would be to either not use dynamic panels (groups seem to work), or not have the Selected widgets in each state of the dynamic panel all be in the same selection group (or not all set to Selected by default). You can keep an eye on the release history thread for news on released fixes. Thank you!

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