RP9 Widget Library Issues

Issue #1
Copying a widget from an RP8 file to a RP9 file will rasterize the widget and turn it into an image.
This is problematic, because wouldn’t this mean that we would need to re-create all our widget libraries from scratch for RP9?? That seems like a huge headache!

Issue #2
I create a new RP9 Library file.
I create a button with a certain fill, border, radius, width, height, padding, font type, font style, and font size and save it as a new widget style.
I create a new RP9 file.
I load the the RP9 library file I just created.
I drag the button I created into my page…
:slight_smile: The fill, border, radius, width, height, padding are carried over without issues.
:rage: The font type, font style, and font size are getting overwritten to the file defaults, which are Arial Regular 13.


Issue #1
You can import Axure 8 page in your Axure 9 with Files/Import from RP file, that work!

Issue #2
Did you change default font inside your library ? Anyway, it’s always better to set default style of your Axure before starting your design

Hi Jaewoo,

For issue #1, this is the expected behavior where copying a widget between different builds and versions of Axure RP will paste the widget as an image. As Ax-guy mentioned, you’ll want to transfer over any 8 files to the 9 beta by importing the widget library using the Import Wizard or by opening the widget library file directly with the 9 beta. When doing the latter, please be sure to save a copy of the 8 widget library file so you don’t accidentally overwrite the widget library file with the 9 beta, which would prevent you from working on the library file in Axure RP 8.

For issue #2, I see this working on my end. That is, I created a custom widget library file in the 9 beta where I changed the fill color and font family of a button widget (e.g. green fill with Open Sans), created a new style for this widget, saved the widget library file, opened a new file, loaded this widget library file, and then dragged the button onto my page. The button correctly showed its green fill as well as its Open Sans font family. Since this sounds different than what you’re seeing, could you post both the .rplib and .rp file here for me to test? If there was a step that I missed to reproduce the behavior, please let me know that as well. Ty!

I had the same issue (#2)
Currently - my library is working fine - I drag a widget and get the same design on the canvas, but when I share it VIA workspaces - the rest of my team had this exact same issue: they drag a styled button from the library into the canvas and then it looks totally different.


Hi! To confirm, is the library style issue that your teammates are experiencing specific to fonts, or are other properties (such as fill, border, etc…) also changing? Can you confirm whether the widget styles that you have applied to your widgets in the widget library have already been previously imported into the target files that your team members are working on? If, for example, at one point in the past they’d previously imported the style from your widget library into their file (either via “File > Import” or by dragging a widget to the canvas) and then the widget style in your library was updated, then the next time they try to drag a widget with the same style into the target file, the style that will show up will be the one that is already present in the file. To get the updated widget style from the library to overwrite the existing (older) style in the target file, you’d want to have them use “File > Import From RP File” to import the newest version of the widget style from the widget library.

If that doesn’t seem to do the trick then would you mind attaching both the .rplib and a sample file that doesn’t show the widget style properly, either here or to an email to support@axure.com? Thank you!

Hi all,

avidantess wrote in to our help desk regarding this issue and it looks like there’s a specific scenario that would reproduce the issue; if you create your widget library via “File > New Library”, then when dragging and dropping widgets from the Libraries pane onto the canvas it should import the widget’s applied style. However, if you create your widget library file by creating a .rp file, saving it, renaming the .rp file extension to .rplib in the Finder/File Explorer and then loading that library, dragging widgets from that particular library won’t import the widget styles to the target file. In this scenario, you have to use “File > Import from RP File” to manually import the widget styles from your .rp-made-.rplib file to get the styles to kick in. Otherwise, we would advise using the normal means of creating a .rplib file to avoid odd file compatibility issues. Hopefully that helps!

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