Running Axure prototype on iPhone and Android without Axure Cloud



Due to security restrictions, we are not allowed to use Axure Cloud. Instead we are using the workaround of exporting the prototype as HTML files and sharing the .zip with users. This works on Windows/Mac but how do we get this to work on mobile phones? We are testing this method currently on an iPhone and clicking on the .html file opens up a text document instead of launching the prototype like it does on PC. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any help would be appreciated!


This will depend on your organization’s network configuration, but I’ve solved this problem I the past by running a simple HTTP server on my computer to serve the prototype files and then access it over the local network from various devices.


Hi, thanks for your response! This is a good solution, I will keep in mind for the future. I forgot to mention in my post that we will be testing remotely. However this solution will not work for remote testing right?