Save a team project as .rp file

Hi everyone,

I am working with SVN, I have saved my project as “team project”, but by default axure saves it with extension “.rpprj” whereas I want “.rp” file, although I can export the team project as “.rp” file from “file->export team project file”, but I don’t want to do it manually.

Second thing if its not possible to save a team project as".rp" file then how to convert the “.rpprj” file to .“xml” as axure is providing the api to convert “.rp” to “.xml” only.

A reason for a team project is the option allow multiple users to update the files at once. The Team Project simply isn’t a RP-File.

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So what if you only have the Pro version and someone sends you a team file? There doesn’t seem to be a way to open this…only option seems to be for me to upgrade?

Hi JoelSnyder– instead of sending you their local team file (RPPRJ), your teammate will want to export the team project to an RP file and send you the RP copy, which can be opened in any edition of Axure RP 8. To export a team project as an RP file, have your teammate select the menu “File > Export Team Project to File” and send you the exported copy.

If they’re unable to export an RP copy, however, then what we can do is provide you with a temporary extension key (of a higher edition) so that you’re able to open the RPPRJ, and export it for yourself as needed. Shoot us an email at and we can assist!

Note: a standalone RPPRJ file cannot be opened without its accompanying local data folder (i.e. the DO_NOT_EDIT folder).