Save is slow: Improve saving strategy

Save is slow: Improve saving strategy

Hi junkw,

Hmm, do you mean saving your prototypes through “File > Save” or “File > Save As” is slow? How long does it take to save your file? And how big is your file? If the file is fairly widget-heavy, then I can see how it may take a few seconds longer to save the file, but the difference shouldn’t be too noticeable. If you have auto-save enabled, you can also adjust the backup interval to a higher value so that RP doesn’t save the working file so frequently.

Hopefully this helps!


  • “File > Save”
  • 50 seconds
  • 69MB
  • Masters-heavy

Problem is that file represents only maybe 20% of the final project, so do I have to expect 5X worst saving time when the file is complete? Meaning it will take minutes to save :frowning:

In the .rp file, there is 2200 .rppkg files currently

Hi junkw,

Thanks for those additional details! It sounds like you’re working with a fairly widget-heavy project. In this case, you may be able to improve the overall save time by reducing the total number of widgets and/or interactions on your project pages. We generally recommend shooting for a total widget count of 500 or fewer, with 40 or fewer dynamic panels (and 100 or fewer total panel states) per page. Since it sounds like you’re using a large number of master widgets, you’ll also want to be particularly mindful of the more complex widgets such as tables, repeaters, or dynamic panels that may be contained within these masters.

While every project is different, your prototype will be much more likely to perform better below these numbers. If you’re interested, you can find some more technical information from one of our devs regarding prototype performance here:

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thanks for the reply
I have many tables in masters

Well I can start a save when I go pee or make coffee
Not ideal but …!