Save project to Axure 9 compatible to open with Axure 8

Is it possible to save a rp in version 9 of Axure to open in version 8? If so, how is it done?

No, Axure RP9 is not backwards compatible. I’ve not seen any kind of external plugin or translator for this.

This thread has an official response from Axure:

oh no… so if you’ve worked on Axure 8 so far and you want to switch to 9… your whole work got lost?

Hi Dises1982, you can avoid losing work by saving a separate copy of your files as an Axure RP 8 version on your machine, either before opening and saving your files in Axure RP 9; or you can go ahead and open your files in RP 9, then immediately go to “File > Save As”, and save the file with a different name. That way, if you ever need to reference any of your RP 8 files in the future, you’ll still have a copy that’s compatible to be opened with RP 8.