Saving text field input when navigating across pages


I would like to save text field input when navigating across pages.

I know that after you hit a submit button, and then click on the browser’s “Previous” button, you’ll find the text fields with the input you submitted.

But when you click on a link to go to another page of the prototype, all the text fields are reset.

Axshare ;

RP file : keep-intput-without-submitting.rp (79.4 KB)

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hi @Zaky,

you can save your input in global variable. Those are accessible across all pages. To do that:

  1. Define your variables in the menu under Project → Global Variables…

  2. Load those variables OnPageLoad (if they are empty by default, the text input will be empty as well)

  3. When clicking the submit button, save the user input to the global variables.

See this edited RP-file for a working example: keep-intput-without-submitting.rp (83.9 KB)

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Thanks for your reply @dan.adam

One thing though : I need the input to be saved OnLostFocus, without having to click on the submit button.

e.g. :

  1. I type my name on the Name field
  2. I click on the Occupation tab.
  3. I click on the Identity tab : my Name field input is what I typed at step 1

Is that possible ?

Just give it a try.
Copy the interaction from the submit button to the OnLostFocus case of the textfield / droplist. Maybe it’ll work. :wink:

keep-intput-without-submitting.rp (87.9 KB)

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Oh man see that’s why I’m a noobie haha