Scrollbars not showing consistently

Hi All. I have a hidden dynamic panel that is set to “scroll as needed.” On my desktop, the bars show all the time whether I scrolled or not. On my laptop, they only show when I scroll. However, some people have a computer setting that makes them go back a page when they try to scroll horizontally with two fingers.

Is there a way to make the scrollbars show all the time. How else would you go about preventing a previous page from being loaded from this specific gesture?

I don’t think there’s too much you can do from an Axure persepctive; these are all different behaviors of different operating systems and/or browsers. A website might get around the scroll issue by implementing a custom scrolling solution. You could do something similar by using swipe events.

As for swipe-to-go-back, on Macs I think you can disable this in the system settings, but also I think it only happens if you swipe from off the edge of the trackpad. If they use two fingers to scroll from the middle of the trackpad it should work.