Scrolling off canvas

I see that you’ve managed to add edges to the infinite white space that used to be the working area. While it’s a good thought in theory, I actually find it more disorienting. I can no longer to one big scroll to get to the top or left side of the page or I will likely overshoot it, instead I have to scroll much more precisely. If there any way I can turn this feature off, or use a button or keyboard shortcut to get back to the origin of the canvas. I don’t see what the benefit of being able to scroll off canvas would be.


Hi Jenny! Thanks for sharing your feedback on the experience of seeing the negative canvas regions.

It might help to note that you can hit the coordinates indicator at the top-left corner of the rulers, or CMD/CTRL + 9 keyboard shortcut, to return to (0, 0).


Actually, this is one of the features that I love about Ax9. I really, like being able to see the entire screen edges. Also, when dealing with Off-screen navs this is very helpful. It might help you to also set an adaptive view for your desktop. This way you see the entire screen as a user would.

I too like to flick my mouse wheel to the top/side of the page and now overshoot … it would be good to be able to prevent seeing ‘negative’ areas in settings.

Thanks for tip to go back to corner


Hi there - at first I liked it a lot and I can see that there are certain benefits to it but I would simply love to have a chance to switch it off… Keep the default mode with the canvas as is now but PLEASE give me a chance to decide… I loved the infinite space…


In addition to the cmd-9 option, maybe providing an automatic snap while scrolling or panning to the top would help. It would help to get there precisely while allowing you to easily continue past the edges if you wanted.

1 Like I have a problem with scrolling as well. It is very disorientating. I would really like to only be ably to move around using spacebar and mouse. I thought this was in version 8. In adobe it is standard. I cannot get used to the Axure way of doing things. How should I proceed? Please see my video screencast. Thanks Don

I support you.
When you will add this feature?

Infinite white space I find very disorienting too. I would be good to have a chance to switch it off. :cry:


OMG please let me switch it OFF! I’m swimming in my mockups and can’t find land. I’ve been using Axure for approximately 100 years, and this is the most disorienting change ever.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! We’re closing out this thread and directing additional feedback and suggestions over to, and have ensured that the feedback posted here thus far has all been passed to the product team. In the meantime, for those who find the whitespace disorienting, if you haven’t already then either clicking the icon at the top left of the canvas (between 0 and 0 on the rulers) or using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]/[Cmd]+[9] should allow you to hop to (0,0) exactly, in place of using a big scroll to get back to the origin. Thank you!