Scrolling stuck on repeater / dynamic panel

Hello guys :smiley:
In my prototype I have two repeater in a dynamic panel Untitled (1).rp (1.0 MB)
(one showing the data as a list/ the other as tiles) my problem is on mobile when i change from the list to tiles view, the repeater is just stuck and i can’t scroll. Th inis is only on mobile, and it happens both in the axure share app and the different mobile browser. I have attached my file so it is easier to see the problem.

Hope someone can help me out :smiley:

It should work now, all panels inside your scrollable panel should be set to “Fit to Content”. Once I did that, both views scroll on a mobile device. However you also have a horizontal swipe type interaction that interrupts the horizontal scroll at times because it is right aligned.

See if this updated file works for you

Untitled (1a).rp (1.0 MB)

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Huge thanks! :smiley:

I’m still kinda new to this powerful axure tool, but really cool that you could find the problem. Atm im just trying stuff out, so i would look into if I really need in the of the swipe action. But again huge thanks for the help :smiley:

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