Securing Axure Prototype Links

Hi, I need to password protect the prototype links that I’m publishing and sharing within my organization. Is there a way to require someone to enter a username and password to access the link prior to viewing the content?

Yes, you can publish your prototypes to Axure Cloud with a password option. Documentation here:

Also, here is the Axure Security page, describing various options:

Of course, you can always publish your prototypes locally and then upload the HTML folder to any web server, relying on the security of that server, website and/or network environment. Maybe this is what you are already doing within your organization. If so, I would recommend contacting your IT support or server admin to set up a security solution.

For “pseudo security” you could create a landing page with a text field widget set to type of “password” and even a text field for “username” or “email” so users could not easily proceed (but they could still expose or discover the sitemap and access your prototype.) Or, a separate prototype with only this login page that redirects to your actual prototype upon correct password. In this way, the URL you send out is not your actual prototype. These approaches assume the type of security needed is fairly weak, if you just need to prevent people in your organization from “casually finding/using” the prototype.

For more robust “enterprise level” security, you can purchase Axure Cloud for Business, with option to install their Cloud software on your own server(s) --see the Security link above.

Thanks for your help. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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