Selection / no Handles AND Guides?

update: It goes away after restart , but then it comes in again , so no handles AND guides displayed at all

Just found that applies to whole AX9 , strange it worked before so I assume that is kind of restart AX9 bug

Inside Group in Master no handles displayed
See animation

Hi uxkarel,

It doesn’t look like your gif made it over :confused: could you repost what the issue you’re seeing on your end with the groups in masters? If you could also post an example .rp file here for me to test, that’d be helpful as well. Ty!

Im having the same issue. All the handles and guides disappeared after attempting to do multi selection using cmd+click on Mac OS. When I quit and reopen they’re back.

Hi Sensitech,

Hmm, I’m not able to reproduce this from a simple test. Are there any other steps you’re taking to produce this behavior? And is this happening in one specific file, or all files? If specific to one file, could you post the .rp file here for me to test?

Hi Jane!
I could not reproduce the bug anymore…maybe it has to do with something other like snapping window with MagnetPro app or something else …so I do not know at the moment. Strange…I will report if happens again
These type of bugs are worst when seeking em I know.:confused:
Best Karel

I can repeat this easily. just fill a canvas with several objects and start continuously Cmd+clicking and eventually it happens. every time. try it. happens on any file.

Still couldn’t reproduce that either

Sometimes it’s 3 clicks, other times it 20 clicks, but it happens every time.

@Jane_Axure Having the same issue w/ latest update on Mac OS 10.13.2. Restarting axure and other programs seemed to fix it, but it’s recurred a few times.

Specifically the selection and transform controls that typically show when selecting a widget are not appearing.

Hi guys!

We were able to reproduce a similar issue when holding [Cmd], selecting widgets, and zooming in/out using the mouse’s scroll wheel. This could also happen if you were to briefly have two fingers on the touchpad when holding [Cmd].

Does that sound similar to what you guys are experiencing? If so, we have this issue on file with our QA/dev team, and a better workaround than restarting Axure RP in the meantime is to scroll zoom or pinch zoom to bring back the selection handles and guides. :slight_smile:

Hi , it might be that case thanks for TIP too.

Hi @Jane_Axure Yes, selecting and then using the Cmd-> zoom feature replicated the issue for me. When I do that all selection guides disappear. Zooming back in as you suggested caused them to reappear.