Send all changes to Team Directory and then Undo check-out



I used Send all changes to Team directory (to ensure files are saved on the server). Then I decided that I didn’t really like the changes I made.
But I am not sure what Undo Check-outs would do. Does it revert to the Send all changes version or to the latest Check-in version?

Anyone sure about that? Thanks.



When you use the “Undo All Check-Outs” you are reverting your .rpteam file back to the last changes you have checked or sent in, which will contain the saved changes that you made leading up to the “Send All Changes” as well. Generally, when you perform a “Send All Changes” function, you are virtually performing a “Check In” and “Check Out” action.

If you don’t like the changes that you made, feel free to go into your team project’s history in Axure Cloud and download the version before those changes. Then you can import this .rp file into your .rpteam project via “File > Import from RP File” to update this to the previous version.