Send data to another page (droplist and buttons)




i have a question:

How do I send the button information: YES or NOT to another page?

How do I send the droplist information to another page?


Look at this post,

it shoul help you understand Global variables and Set text on Onload

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The droplist that I did is custom made so it is not working, and the button also does not cost to pass the values.

Follow my file if you can help me.

testeDroplist.rp (90.0 KB)

Thanks so much!


Hi there… so for your buttons… It will be much easier to use a single variable and set the variable to the value of the text, rather than having two variables.

On page load of your second page, you’ll need to add an onload event to set the text.

For the dropdown, I added an action on click that sets a new variable. On page load of your last page, set text.

See attached as hopefully an RP file is worth a 1,000 words.

testeDroplist.rp (92.3 KB)


Amazing, you saved my world!
Thank you so much.


Im having the same issue, but can’t figure out how to fix this - any help would be much appreciated.


@JEY- Can you share your RP file so I can see what you’re trying to do?


I can’t upload any files on the computer I am building the prototype on; can I perhaps show you a quick video? The form is very basic…its a typical mortgage application with drop down lists to choose your mortgage term and amortization period. I want to be able to select from the drop down list and when I click submit I want to be able to send that data to another page. I’ve already set these lists and other fields as global variables. The text fields work when typing some information in like your name…but I can’t get the drop down lists to send to another page…they don’t work…I hope this makes sense…


Here’s a super simple sample of what you explained you were trying to do. In the first page I have the dropdowns. You can set the value of the global variables either on change of the dropdown, or on click of the submit button. I did both in the example just to give you a sample of how to do either. Note that if you default the drop down value and want to use the onchange method, you’ll need to set a default value for the global variable. If you set on submit, you won’t have to worry about default values.

On the second page, onpageload, i’m setting the text using the global variables. Have a look and see if you have any questions.

Global Variable Sample.rp (63.2 KB)


Mark, thank you very much; you are a very talented individual - this is exactly what I was trying to achieve.


You’re welcome. Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:


Hi Mark, I suspect you can also do the same with calendar date fields and radio buttons; and have this information send to another page?


The events used and the logic might be different based on the input type, but yes, you should be able to pass any value.


hello sir I have a project and it contains a form with a checkbox, dropdown list and stepper that increases by one and decreases. all these I want them to be passed to another page based on what user choses can you please help me cause I just know how to pass text only the others are difficult for me as I’m a beginner. You can just give me a sample containing these elements and how they passed if that’s fine. Thank you in advance


Hi Sarah,

So you want to pass the following:

If the user checked the box, or not
selected value of a dropdown,
and the value of the stepper (i.e. 3).

Just to confirm you’re using axure 8?


I Have change it with easier elements and it works thank you for your response

but now i have a problem in a form fields
i have a feedback form with the fields (first name, last name, email , comment as text area) the required fields are all except last name, when the user click on (send feedback) button
and i want the following cases :
1- if all required fields empty show message (empty fields) bellow with an asterisk * next to each field
2- if just the first name is empty show asterisk next to the first name field
3- if just the email is empty show asterisk next to the email field
4- if just the text area is empty show asterisk next to the text area field
if all are filled show a pop up message confirm that the feedback sent

Note: I am using axure 10 and all these i already did but I’m facing problem with the conditions