Serious Matter .. original rp file delete


Google Language Translator … I report this because it is a serious matter for me.

Axure rp 9 Beta was shut-down during the work and I deleted the original file permanently.
9 beta restart, but did not file restore window(backup set time is 5 Min)
I hope to be solved someday …
The original file was a file saved from Axure rp 8 and was working on 9 Beta.
The file size was over 60MB. OS is Window 7… Good Luck


Hi gwangname,

I’m sorry to hear that. You could try double-checking your backups by navigating to the physical folder on your computer where the backups are stored. On Windows, those are located at:


Note that AppData is a hidden folder.

If you published the file to Axure Share, you could also download the .rp file from there by logging into the Axure Share web interface at, navigating to the project workspace, and clicking on the gear icon under “Configure” to select “File + Settings”. This will take you to the project’s overview page where you can download a copy of the .rp file from there.

Hopefully one of these options help to recover your file. If you’re able to recall any steps you took prior to the 9 beta crashing, that’ll also help in our investigation of the issue. Thanks!


Thanks, Jane!

Thanks to you, I can download the files shared the day before.

I can not remember the process that preceded my symptoms. However, since the same file will be used in the same environment, I will report the same symptom.

Please refer to it. The errors recorded in the logs folder are the same as the attached files. It will be helpful to focus on the recorded time.

error_log_2018-12-06.txt (11.0 MB)


Hi gwangname,

Thanks for posting the error log! It looks like you were getting a 504 gateway timeout error, as well as the following:

“There is not enough available storage to complete this operation.”

As such, could you let me know what you were doing prior to the crashes? Were you publishing, previewing, switching pages, or something else? And would it be possible if you could check the disk space on your machine to check that you have enough space to work on and save files?


Hi Jane.

I did dynamic panel drag, This panel is hidden and big size.
My computer RAM is 8GB and free memory is 47 ~ 30 percent.
CPU is Intel i3(3.60GHz) and Disk is 232(256)GB SSD, Empty area 153GB.

This error was still today.
so I will check and report.


Hi gwangname,

Thanks for this additional information! I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue just yet while dragging a large, hidden dynamic panel. Could you please send along the .rp file where this error occurred? If you could point out which dynamic panel was being dragged as well, this could help to troubleshoot the cause of the issue.