Set conditions for multiple objects

I have a simple project where I want cards to fade when they cross a certain number on the Y axis, only the first card is responding.

TEST.rp (51.7 KB)

Here is the link;

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Change the “Red hide” case from “Else If” to “If” (right/alt click on the case and choose “Toggle IF/ELSE IF”). For your scenario, you could set all your cases to “If” instead of “Else If”.

Here’s why:

  1. Case “Blue hide” has logic of “If [[Window.scrollY]] is greater than 250”
  2. Then, case “Blue show” has logic of “Else If [[Window.scrollY]] is less than 250”
  3. The only other possible result is Window.scrollY equals 250 (…and this is never handled, so nothing would happen in this situation.)
  4. Case “Red hide” has logic of “Else If [[Window.scrollY]] is greater than 700” --but this was already true for the first case (700 is greater than 250), so would not be logically true in this “Else If” case. Changing this logic to “If …” means this case will always be evaluated regardless of prior cases.

I would recommend you change the first case to be “is greater than or equal to” just to cover the possibility of Window.scrollY being exactly 250.

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Thank you very much, I would check it right away. Once again, thank you, truly appreciated!!!

It worked!!! Thank you very much!!!