Set interaction after typing stops


I’m not sure if this possible but need to check.

Wondering if it’s possible to set an interaction to happen after a certain number of seconds after the user stops typing?

In the attached example, I have it set up to trigger the valid green outline and the active continue button after the user types 3 characters but is it possible to have that be open ended so it would trigger the active continue button, etc. after the user stops typing for X amount of seconds (let’s say 3 seconds for now)? 05_after typing stopped validate and activate.rp (576.5 KB)

This will do it Molly.

You can adjust this at will.

Also, like namy new Axure users, you are using Dynamic panels to manage widget states, when using Style Effects on the widget would be easier/simpler.

All thebest, Ritch

05_after typing stopped validate and activate_rm.rp (558.2 KB)

Thank you and thanks for the tip about Style effects vs. Dynamic panels!

However, for this one I don’t want it to start counting at Got Focus (it seems to be giving me 3 seconds no matter if I type or not and then activates). I’m wondering if Axure can know when a user stops typing. So without losing focus on the widget if the user doesn’t type anything for about 3-4 seconds it would set the continue button to active. Let me know if that’s possible. Thanks again!

Hi Molly

As far as I can see, my example does exactly what you are asking. It will only activate 3 seconds_ after_ you stop typing.

Hi Ritch, Thanks - you’re right it does! I was hung up on it because without typing anything after focus is still activates the button. I actually need it to not start counting until someone starts typing. I thought it would be as simple as changing the OnFocus commands to a KeyUp trigger but that’s messing up the counter and not working. See pg. TEST.

What I really need it to do upon someone stopping typing into the field is validate the field itself (in this case it’s a simple 3 character in field validation), then check that the field before it is valid (based on panel state) and then if all those are correct, activate the continue button. See pg. TEST (2)05_after typing stopped validate and activate_rm (2).rp (618.5 KB)

I think if I can just get it to work on KeyUp I can figure the rest out but if you can help that’s great!