Set Text Equal to Number of Rows in Repater


I’m modeling a search + results in a table. I want a message to display that reads, “[[AxureCode]] matches found.”

I thought I could use [[ItemCount]] on a set text but it’s not working (and I’m guessing anyway).

Does anyone know how to do this?




I used “visibleItemCount” OnItemLoad of the repeater:


There may be better way to do it, but it works on my side:
N_matches_found.rp (52.6 KB)

Hope it will help,

PS: I think there’s somewhere on Axure website an explanation of how and when to use:

  • itemcount
  • visibleitemcount
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Thanks! I’ll give this a try.

itemCount is the total number of rows in the repeater, if I recall correctly, so using this wouldn’t work as the number would not change if you’re only applying a filter. Adding/removing rows would change it,

visibleItemCount is, as you might expect, how many rows are currently being shown. This works with filters and (I think) pagination as well.

Thannks nkrisc,

And sure enough, even though I have about 100 rows of records and am displaying ten at a time, for some reason it shows “20 matches found”. Am I doing something wrong? (And I wish I could share my Axure file but I can’t due to NDA stuff)



Can you at least share the expression you’re using to get the count, any pagination settings, and if you’re filtering?

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