Set text on a text field type date


How can I set a text on an input with the type date ? Something like set text to “23.12.1998” doesn’t work.


Hi zzlpz,

It sounds like you’re trying to use a Set Text action to change the displayed date on a text field that is set to the “Date” type input. The text field is one of the HTML widgets, which have their appearance and behavior defined by the browser in which they are viewed. For browsers where date type text fields render as browser-specific date pickers (such as Firefox, Chrome, mobile Safari, and mobile Chrome), it looks like using the Set Text action to change the displayed date doesn’t work. For browsers where the date type text field renders as a plain text field (such as desktop Safari) it looks like using Set Text to change the displayed date works as it would on a normal text-type text field.

Depending on your needs, would using a regular text-type text field and a custom datepicker do the trick?

How do I get the value of a text field when its type is set to Date?
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