Set up a "next" button that focus on the next field on Click

Hey Axure experts,
Is it possible to set up a “next” button – like on a mobile keyboard that would focus into the next field on a form OnClick?

06_Next button click to next field.rp (651.1 KB)

Axure does have a “set focus” action, the trick,however, is knowing which field to move the focus to. Axure can’t tell what specific field has focus without some help, like setting a global variable whenever a field gets focus.

But since you’re using dynamic panels to set certain states for each field you can use If/Then conditions to check which field has its “Active” state set and then move the focus to the next field.

06_Next button click to next field.rp (779.0 KB)

Thanks so much! This looks like it’s working great!

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