Setting text on dynamic panel state


I have a form field and when a user enters their email address and clicks submit, the panel state changes and the info they added in the previous panel displays.

My issue is that I can’t get this to work. I have tried a few of the tutorials and also comments in other threads however there seems to be an issue with having multiple dynamic panels within a dynamic panel (if that makes sense).

When trying to set text on a widget in state 2 from a field in state 1 nothing happens. Also if I try to add as a variable, the field i want to pass the text from is not selectable.

Any help on this is much appreciated

Can you share your RP file? The devil is typically in the details on something like this.

Hi @UXProtoTyper

Thanks for your reply. I have attached the file.

When I singled out the dynamic panel (in the Home page) and previewed this, it works - if you type in the email address form (make sure it includes an @) and click submit, the desired outcome appears.

However, with the rest of the page components added in (see Page 2), it doesn’t. I have tried to see if there are any clashing interactions etc but can’t see anything that suggests why it isnt working.

Maybe some fresh eyes might be able to tell…


dynamicpanelsettexthelp.rp (20.7 MB)

this onClick Case on the green version of your button that references setting the variable to text on an Unidentified widget seems to be the issue:

If you change it to reference the value of your “Email Field new 2” field, it should work. I have made that change in the attached:
dynamicpanelsettexthelp.rp (20.7 MB)

I think you may also have some issues when you enter the error state - I couldn’t get it to flip out of the error state once it went into the error state.

One other thing you may want to learn a bit more about is disabling a widget and using the interaction styles rather than creating two states. It can make editing a lot easier if you minimize the number of dynamic panels and widget.

Great, thanks for your help.

Will definitely look in to disabled states rather than dynamic panels.

Many thanks

Hi UX ProtoTyper…I am trying to do something like this but for ZIP code input. How would you go about checking for valid ZIP code? In was thinking the text had to have 5 numbers? How would I set a case to check for 5 numbers?

You should be able to handle this with two conditions in the condition builder. If you’re doing it on keystroke something like this would fire your error state:

If on click or an event fired outside of your text field, you’d just replace the “This” with your widget.

Make sense?

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