Shape Name Property?


I must be missing this, but I don’t see a name property for a shape control or any other control for that matter.

Where can I find this property? I am starting to work with interactions and cases and want to keep things clear.

Thank you.


It’s at the very top of the Inspector panel on the right side. The field is above the tabs for Properties, Notes, Styles. It doesn’t really look like a field. Is this what you were looking for?

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Bingo, that’s it - thank you! Are there other properties available, like Visible for example?

Yes - pretty much all properties are available between the Style and Properties tabs.

Visibility is the exception, for whatever reason: it’s on the main toolbar up top. (A checkbox called “Hidden.”)

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LMAO, wow I looked for that and looked for it some more. Thank you, found in two seconds after you told me. That’s tricky.