Shape object Style/Color within the repeater



I have a repeater with a shape object that I would like to display as a different color value for each repeater entry. Is there a way to do this? If not, please consider adding this functionality to the repeater-widget. Thanks.


Hey @blbyers, you can achieve this effect if you place a dynamic panel with states responsible for each color inside a repeater and then add some conditional logic to the “Item Loaded” interaction.

For example, you can use the [[Item.Index]] property to select a row, and then use the “Set Panel State” action to change the background color:

The other way would be to use the innate “Item background” repeater setting on the Style Pane that allows you to set alternating colors for the repeater rows:

Here is the link that demonstrates both methods, along with a copy of my .rp file Repeater_colors_row.rp (63.6 KB).

If it’s not something that you’re looking for, can you please let us know more about your project or attach a copy of your .rp file so we can take a closer look at this?