Share urls returning 404


My coworker has been having a strange issue with AxShare, we’re both working on a team project and when he tries to publish it (to an existing url) it returns a 404 error. Only that project, other team projects and local files work, and I can publish that team project without issues.

Any ideas? I’ve never encountered this before


Hi @bamorris,

If your coworker is the only one that is encountering issues with this team project, then as a first troubleshooting step, please advise them to get a new local copy of the team project. The new team project should hopefully be free of any errors and may be able to resolve any copies that may have gotten into a bad state. To do so, please follow the steps linked in our reference pages below:

If they are still encountering issues, please have them write into with any details and screenshots so we can continue troubleshooting.