Shared Project is missing ICONS although standard library is used

Hey Folks, any ideas why the icons are missing?

Hi Nicolas1610,

Hmm, there’s not too much information to go on from your screenshot. To confirm, is this an icon font that you are using, and are you pulling the icons from a widget library? What icon font is this? Typically the reason that icon fonts would fail to render would be because of one of the following:

  1. The versions of the widget library, locally installed font, and web font URL don’t match.

  2. The widget library is loaded but the font file is not locally installed on the machine, or Axure RP hasn’t been restarted after the install (for instances where the font shows as squares on the canvas).

  3. The widget library is loaded and the font is locally installed on the machine, but the web font URL wasn’t provided in “Publish > Generate HTML > Web Fonts”, so users who do not have the font installed see squares in the browser.

Hopefully one of the above helps! If not, then please post more details along with the affected file so that the community can better assist. Thanks!

For those following along at home, Nicolas1610 emailed our help desk for assistance and it looks like the icons were failing to render because the icon font file was not locally installed on the machine. Installing the font and restarting Axure RP resolved the issue.

If anyone else is working with an icon font widget library and find that the icons render as boxes or question marks when dragged onto the canvas, then please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the accompanying font file on your OS and then restarted Axure RP; this is required in order for those fonts to be available in the software. If your icon font library was downloaded as a bundle, then that widget library would typically be accompanied by a font file that you can install on your system by double-clicking the font file in the .zip folder to install it.

Hopefully that helps anyone running into similar issues!